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Locked Most Wanted Character - Solution

If you've completed all 9 murder cases and yet game is showing 8/9 completed (88%), then this isn't the real problem, you must be wondering why the last most wanted character is still locked even if you completed case files.

You need to complete Black Mask's drug stash missions in order to unclock last most wanted character, once you destroy last drug stash in the church, you'll get call from Gordon regarding 20 escaped blackgate prisoners.

My 'Helicopter crash' case file isn't listed in the completed case files, i thought this bug is preventing Grodon's call, I just completed Black Masks's missions and the last most wanted unlocked, thought i should share this with people wondering why it's still locked Man Tongue

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Re: Locked Most Wanted Character - Solution

Hello, I completed Black Masks most wanted but I still didn't get the call. Although, I still have Shiva left; shw's the only one I have left. I guess I'll get the call once I complete Shiva, right?

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Re: Locked Most Wanted Character - Solution

I got the call and completed it after I finished all the crime scenes but I did not get the achievement for completing all of the Most wanted list 100 % in order to get the achievment do you have to do all the most wanted lists in each story mode,New Game Plus, I am The Night?

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