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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

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Hi all,

The team is currently working hard on the upcoming story DLC and there currently are no plans for releasing another patch to address the issues that have been reported on the forums.

If we do move forward with creating a new patch, it will try to address the progression blocking bugs for players, not the minor glitches that do not prevent one from continuing to play. The issues that are not progression blockers will unfortunately no longer be addressed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for some of you, and want to thank you for having been patient.

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?



So it is like: "We are currently working on something else for this bug-ridden game to drain you dumb lot of even more money instead of working on fixing the **bleep** thing as per the proper QA would require".


Then here's a little piece of advice for all of us who bought this bug-fest.




Let them see that since WE pay their wages through our purchases, we will deny them payment for something no one needs and wil only remotely toy with the notion to consider buying any more DLC until the game is fixed.


No fix? No more purchases.


Let's show them our worth people!

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

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You basically ripped us all off with a broken product, and lied to the community about a patch you had no intention of releasing, and have the audacity to release more dlc. Huge slap in the face to the whole community.

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

ha ha heh.patience is no longer an issue,its trust which youve just lost.WBM promised so many things only to not deliver.i wont even start on that we all know about their broken there was something my dad used to say whenever somebody would do something and that was,"if you cant do it right the first time dont bother doing it at all".and another one was "if you broke it,you fix it".words to live you delivered a half finished game that was so broken it couldn't even be played by a majority at all or without experiencing some sort of bug or glitch.and now youre not even considering fixing any PROGRESSION glitches/bugs at this time and no more fixes for minor glitches/bugs at term "business ethics" means nothing to you guys.see how far that gets you next time because i can guarantee you it wont be failed on so many levels but the biggest one was to your consumers.and thats where youll take the biggest hit next go around should it ever happen.i love the game but my biggest regret is WBM and the way they handled the issues and lack there of.

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

Wow, don't I feel like a horses hind quarters. I rarely came on here to complain, and tried to reassure people not to haul you up in front of courts nor report you to the BBB because my line of thinking was, who wants to be the morons that are responsible for wrecking the Batman franchise? Well, apparently WBM want's that title. Congratulations, you pulled off the biggest scam imaginable. Like many others, If I ever see a WBM logo on a game, no matter how much I may want it, I will never, I and mean ever give you another dime of my money. I hope WB HQ sees what it's sister company in Canada has done to it's loyal Batman fan base and yanks the rug out from all idiots that work there. To the international community of gamers who got suckered in as well, as a Canadian, I apologize for this joke, WBM does not represent our kind of quality and care we Canadians produce, Montreal is a pretty selfish place to begin with, and it's reflected as much in it's games apparently. They don't even have respect for they company that employes them. Congrats WBM, you've just made sure, no one will ever trust your 'work' ever again, which in turn, leaves you without a job. I hope this little scam was worth it. When I am more awake, and can compose my thoughts much more clearer than this, I will be contacting WB HQ about this lack of care it's sister company has given it's customers in it's name. I suggest many others do the same. Mercury, you are so proud that this forum has well over 100,000 members, what you fail to acknowledges is that most of those accounts are spam accounts from the middle east, if that's your biggest accomplishment, you set your goals fairly low. Ban me if you wish, but that only re-enforces that you cannot stand up to the criticism you deserve for playing us like suckers since day 1. I can't believe I defended you. Boy, don't I fee like a rube. Nothing but scum in Montreal, thanks for re-enforcing that stereotype.
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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

Hate to say I told you so guys...

Everyone held on to hope that wasn't there. WBM never gave a sh*t.
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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

That settles that then. I will never preorder a game from WB Montreal again nor will I support any DLC they produce. I implore others who come across this post to follow my example.


They released an unfinished product at full price and then lied to us about fixing all of the game breaking issues.

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

This type of attitude has insured that I will never purchase from this company ever. Hope other people will follow suit.

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?



Well i already bought your season pass, but don't bother making another Arkham game.  I will buy from Rocksteady only next time..

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Re: Patch 1.06, is it even a possibility?

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I'm allowing Wintergreen to type right now, being a novelty account (Which I am not) it's almost impossible to make an intelligent comment. Take it away, Wintergreen:




It seems that people on this forum want to hate their own games. To complain, to hurt, and to ruin their own experiences and others. Criticising is not bad but it seems a fanbase of any kind criticise in all the wrong ways. They find the worst parts of the game, they highlight the little ones, and then they spread word that it is the absolute spawn and creation of the Devil or Dr. Simon Hurt. Why recently Dong Nguyen, creator of the video game "Flappy Bird" is taking down the game because of all the hate and criticism he's received all under a FREE game that was a project, mind you he was making 5K over ad revenue. And he takes it down because hateful people who regard themselves as a superior race won't mind their buisness and have to share omniscient knowledge with everyone.


Sadly, desperatly sadly, the fanbase think they're the guardians of quality and video games, well they're no more guardians then the Kennel Club are the guardians of dog kind! Yes I am aware that the game has it's glitches, but why continue to play? Will you continue to play? Or do you love the attention along with people agreeing with you? It's almost as if no one has sat down, played the game and enjoyed themselves. They must. No, they NEED to find a reason to hate it while they ramble on how a game should be more like this or that. They beg for a movie they wanted to see when they were but a lad then scream at the top of their lungs to hear about an actor they don't know about will play a character in this particular movie. Comic book fans are the same way as well as the movie fanbase and the video game fanbase. These are the same people who yell at video game companies, telling them they are "lazy" and "unproductive" all while typing it on their laptops or smartphones in bed while playing a video game or television when they should be studying or working. You hate the video game, yet sadly, very sadly, that you buy the DLC on opening day all while claiming it was for "the story". Well sod them to Hades, Are these the people who hate EA Games and pick fences to boycott their games while playing Battlefield 4? Do these people put their energy and anger towards bigger things such as the anti-gay Olympics at Russia or the happanstances of North Korea, or the smaller things such as littering and pollution? NO. They're too busy sneering on a comic book video game forum. But do these people do anything important? Do they ever put their time and energy rather procrastinating? You're on a video game forum at the comforts of your home, sitting on your lazy butts typing and questiong the moderators why they're not working.


Do something about it then, don't post how angry you are on a forum. Actually boycott it, get out on the streets, get a plane to Montreal and camp at their front doors. But are you going to do that? No. The only thing you can do is write a mean comment on how the moderators are fat and ugly. If you think the game is bad. Don't play it. If you think a movie is bad, don't watch it again, if you think a book is bad, don't read it. Don't complain and bother the people who like it or have no problems with it. Now if you''ll excuse me, my ginseng tea is about ready and I wish to share it with Slade before he departs on another mission.



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