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The Benefits of WBID

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When you register for this site, you won't just be creating an identity for the Batman Arkham Community, you'll be taking the first step to link your game, web, and mobile experience with a WBID


You'll be able to:


  • Link your progress in a mobile game to your console game and vice versa, complete with unique achievements and unlocks
  • Get goodies in your game for free.  
  • Use the same account login across multiple games, platforms, and web communities. 
  • Unlock special features for Films and TV shows. 

All you will need to do is register with your email, check a few boxes, and you’ll get your very own WBID that will unlock content the next time you log into a WB Games title. We've got special content for Batman: Arkham Origins, but there's also tons of great unlocks in the console and mobile edition of the fighting epic Injustice: Gods Among Us


It’s easy, it’s painless, and best of all---it’s free!


For the release of Batman Arkham Origins, we’ll be giving away two exclusive skins for our registered WBID users.


If you login with your WBID on the console, you’ll unlock the epic Batman One Million skin. Fight back against the 8 assassins after your head with this futuristic suit from the 853rd century! 


one million.JPG


For our fans of alternate universe Batmans, there are few suits as unique and iconic as the Red Son Batman. Complete with Heavy Coat and Ushanka (not to mention in game bonus stats) to get this suit on the mobile game, download the game to your mobile device and login with your WBID and you'll unlock it- for free!. From there, you can take to the streets of Gotham in style of (while you are on the go). 


Red Son.JPG


All of this-and much more to come Smiley Very Happy--can be yours--just for having a WBID.


Thanks and stay tuned, 


WB Yorick

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